Category: Issue 02

This Punjabi Life

– Alison Miller ‘Roti cala.’ Trying to resist my mother’s stern demand to eat chapatti was pointless; she always won. It didn’t matter if I told her I’d eaten fish and chips when I was out with my Gora friends. In fact, that made it worse. “You need to eat vege-tables, Arjun. Make you strong….
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What the dead wear

– Sue Wright Much to Father Porcini’s surprise, Death wore a bathing suit. It was pink with stripes. Orange stripes, complemented by florid pink stockings and ballet slippers. It was not what he expected. She was not who he expected. ‘You can’t go about dressed like that,’ said Father Porcini. Death grinned and reached into…
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Stanley Kubrick’s House Party

– Michael N. Shanks 6:13 p.m. An uneasy sleeping David Foster Wallace shifted off his three-seater settee: hitting the hardwood floor awakened him instantly. He surveyed the room around him, as if for the first time. The calendar on the wall had been X’d for the first thirty days of October, leaving only a note…
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Sacred Heart

– John MacKenna He sits in his car. It’s late in the afternoon and the last of the autumn light is being wrung from the heavens, dribbling down onto the flaky, rusted stubble of a long, wide field. He watches an old crow flail jadedly across the dull September sky, in search of its rookery,…
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Yohann Walter

A Delightful Conspiracy Himmelfish Medow Stake My Cream The State Where All Are Poison Drinkers