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Colon – Alice Walsh My phone ribbits on my bedside locker. I pick it up. ‘Colin’ flashes on the screen. I think Colon. I’ve been calling him Colon since I swiped a like over his Tinder head three weeks ago. There’s a photo flashing too. It’s of Colon smiling proudly with his hand on my shoulder. I’m… Read More

This is not the story – Claire Hennessy The boy who gives me the second leaflet reminds me of Jack, how soft his hair is without the gel in it, and I want to touch it but don’t. All the way down O’Connell Street and across town I collect boy-impressions along with the paper, and when I go into HMV on Grafton… Read More

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The Staircase

source site – Lauren Kelly At times my grandparents’ home felt like a museum, or a tomb.  Other times, it flickered to life and filled with familiar sounds and smells – grandmother’s perfume, soft voices rushing to re-tell favorite stories, the smoke of scent-free candles, or a roast cooked to perfection.  It was one of those potent nights…. Read More
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follow link – S.J. Coules There was an old record player there. He had never made the transition from vinyl. The turntable rested on an ugly sepia sideboard by the window. The curtains hadn’t been opened for months. The drawer sideboard had chunks taken from it – probably from when the grandchildren had been over; but he didn’t… Read More

Dream Man Stealing Kisses – Jahla Seppanen When the dream man comes to steal kisses it means the morning has passed. It happens somewhere near ten, after the landscape workers have cleared leaves from the concrete paths outside my apartment. I expect that is what they are doing, but in all honesty cannot say for sure. I have never looked… source site Read More

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Bitch Slap – Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois 1. Her shoulders smolder but never ignite, unlike chaparral in Los Angeles foothills. 2. I awake. Nurses surround me, slap me, command me to breathe. 3, Her shoulders smolder, her energy always potential, never kinetic. 4. Before I realize anything else, I understand that this is the ultimate payoff of nursing school,… Read More

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