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The Passions of Sophie Bryant

go site – Shauna Gilligan Her mouth gapes …like a letterbox of happiness, the man who takes her breath away says with a smile. * It was her stubbornness that pushed her on. It was her love of shapes and the consideration of taste that made her search. She’d always loved honey, and in a book found in…
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Marie – Colin Dardis   Marie was that type of girl whom you never paid much attention to in class. She was not classically attractive, or particularly outspoken, heck, I didn’t even know her surname. But she sat in front of me in Latin class, next to two young woman, Lindsey Cunningham and Lisa Rodgers. It…
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sara mills pornstar – Margarita Meklina As usual, when arriving from a concert, she retrieved her Tripsta bag from the underbelly of the overfed double-decker bus, checked if her violin case was closed securely and if her electric blanket was inside Tripsta, and only after all was inspected, turned towards him, who had been patiently waiting and watching on…
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follow url – Sean Fitzgerald Only the air moved in the still, bright lounge. Vibrations hummed from the ferryboat’s engines. The primal sound crept up inside the walls from the decks below. I passed through a steel doorway and lurched towards the bar as we dropped into a trough. I wished I was someplace else. A burly…
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Denial Gets a Dressing Down

enter –  Philip Loyd Barry J. Boddiker was a born winner.  He was handsome.  He was smart.  He had all the qualities of a winner, yet for some reason life just wasn’t working out for him.  For some reason, he just couldn’t seem to catch a break. For the life of him, he just couldn’t understand…
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Boiling Water – J. A. Larkin Anna turned the kettle on and waited for the water to boil. Ed stood there with his empty mug: stained black from repeated coffee use and sighed, emphatically, a sound that echoed in the small, work kitchen. ‘You tired?’ he asked, moving his fingers up and down the handle, watching the…
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Beloved city – Helen de Búrca   The beloved city, like the beloved person, makes you move differently. You adapt yourself to its rhythms, your pulse quickens, your perceptions are more alert; the feeling of being constantly gazed at animates your movements. You come to know its least foibles well enough to predict them. Its personality grows more…
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