xxx women stroking big cocks and balls source Issue Ten, a mile stone. It is hard to believe that Number Eleven is over 3 years in existence and in those 3 years I have been privy to the hopes and fears and delights of a plethora of writers from around the world. As any editor knows, and I’m sure every author does too, the vast majority of submissions do not make the grade for one reason or another and it is often fine margins which separate the accepted submissions from the rejected ones. I have had to make many a hard call on submissions and often wondered and debated whether I had made the correct decision or not. It is the agony of an editor. But the ecstasy is found in uncovering a gem. For Issue Ten I am glad to say that the agony was little and the ecstasy great. I am extremely proud of all the submissions included in this, our milestone issue. I hope that you too find the pleasure in them that I did.


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