The one that nearly got away Issue Nine nearly never happened. If Number Eleven had stalled and remained forever frozen on Issue Eight, I think i would have been okay with it – those eight issues gave me some of the greatest reading pleasure, I hope it did for you too. I would have been okay closing Number Eleven over but not happy about it. I won’t go into great detail as to why Issue Nine almost remained a half formed thing in my mind only but I’m glad to say some itch made me pick at Number Eleven once more. Reading one submission in particular made me stop and say to myself, “this needs to be read and by more than just me.” There is a weight and a joy an editor carries when a writer submits to a journal. I felt it keenly these last few months as submissions continued to ping into my inbox and in response, instead of boxing Number Eleven away, securing it in some little cubby hole in my soul, I dusted it off. I’m so happy I did so.

follow url Here are ten stories, born of authors from all over the world. They inspired me, I hope they inspire you.