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And Your Dog Can Talk

suck my uncutcock – Bernard O’Rourke The psychiatrist says: “You do get them sometimes, of course. The crazies. People who live for their pets. Obsess over them. Buy them gourmet meals, furnish their beds with designer fabrics. End up living their whole lives through their animals. Sad really, that sort of thing.” But he doesn’t understand – he’s… wife fucking smiled at me Read More

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When Will Mammy Be Back?

celebrity porn britney spears – Fiona Sherlock Cryonaut is one of 4,000 new words to enter the Oxford English Dictionary. Meaning a person who is cryogenically frozen with the hope of being revived in the future, the word joins sexting, five-second-rule and brain candy in the 2012 edition. Time congealed in her bed sheets. It was St Patrick’s Day… mixing colors of latex paint Read More

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