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source I’m going to keep this editorial brief, a habit I hope to maintain to be honest. As I said in my editorial in Issue Four, there are changes planned for Number Eleven and the first of those happened a few months back with the appointment of Sinead O’Hart as an assistant editor. Number Eleven grew rapidly during its first year, so much so that I felt if I didn’t ask for help then it would be to the detriment of Number Eleven. Sinead herself has been published in Number Eleven (Issue One, with the amazing Animal Farm) as well as a host of other leading journals and magazines. She brings a wealth of talent and enthusiasm to Number Eleven and her fingerprints are all over Issue Five. She has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the issues ahead with great confidence knowing that Sinead is part of the Number Eleven family.


nanoenergysummit.org This issue is a little delayed, but hopefully it has been worth the wait. Issue Five is a real mix of influences and cultures. Incorporated here are submissions from Florida, Berlin, Seoul and London amongst some of the finest emerging writers in Ireland. It has been a real pleasure to work on this issue and I hope you, Constant Reader, enjoy it too.

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